LS Migration Tools v1.0.0.29 – More than 450 downloads in 3 months!


LS Migration Tools v1.0.0.30 has just been released – a new feature to clean up obsoleted and on-prem scoped objects from Permission Set AL files has been introduced.

When I was deploying the new version to Powershell Gallery, I just noticed that v1.0.0.29, the previous version, had been downloaded/installed for 473 times in the last 3 months!

Well, to be honest, to me that’s quite an achievement!!

Are you a LS Retail partner implementing LS Central? Have you been using the LSMigrationTools module lately to help you on the technical migration process from older version to LS Central latest?

What are your thoughts on the tool?

What do you like it most?

What do you think the tool is missing?

Please share your comments.

Thanks and keep the good work!

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