Printing on roll paper in Dynamics NAV

I want to show you how I was able to print invoices and credit memos (or other reports) on a roll paper printer from Dynamics NAV. I was using Dynamics NAV Universal App in a tablet with Android and I wanted to print to a printer connected via Bluetooth. If you tried it, you’ve already found […]

Dynamics NAV Server hack by examples

If you want to handle different Dynamics NAV Server versions, ServiceTierAdministration is the way. No doubt about it. You may download it from Mibuso: But you can do it using Windows sc command and/or hacking the Windows registry. So let’s learn how to do it by examples: 1. How to create a new service instance named […]

Excel Buffer – Detect Excel’s Language

Dynamics NAV allows you to “easily” export information to an Excel file, via code, using the Excel Buffer table. To export a cell value as a formula, you may add and use the following function to your object: LOCAL EnterFormula(RowNo : Integer;ColumnNo : Integer;CellValue : Text[250];Bold : Boolean;UnderLine : Boolean;NumberFormat : Text[30]) ExcelBuf.INIT; ExcelBuf.VALIDATE(“Row No.”,RowNo); […]

Error importing NAV License in AzureSQL Database

When opening a database installed in AzureSQL, you may get this error: The database on the server requires a Per Database license to be opened on SQL Azure You must use Powershell to import the Dynamics NAV license. To import a license file to a AzureSQL database I used the following command: Import-NAVServerLicense DynamicsNAV100 -LicenseData ([Byte[]]$(Get-Content -Path […]

iOS Safari Tips – Navigation History

 I’ve accidentally discovered a nice (yet basic) feature in Safari (i’m currently using iOS 9.2). If you start navigating from site to site, in the same window, you can see all the previous visited sites by long pressing the Back button.       Edited with BlogPad Pro

NAV 2015 Webservices (simple) connection problem

I was preparing a training session about Dynamics NAV 2015 and I was using a Cronus database that was already installed in my computer. I’ve added the Customer Card to Web Services and published it, just to test it. When I was going to connect to the webservice using .NET WS Studio, I got the […]

Importing Data Easily with MagicalRecord and CoreData

One difficulty I’ve come across when trying to use Magical Record’s MR_importFromObject method, was that the primary key attribute was not my entity name plus “ID”. And the tags used in the file being imported were also different from my entity attributes. To indicate which attribute must be considered as Primary Key (since categoryID does not […]