Docker – Set fixed subnet in nat network

Docker and navcontainerhelper do an excellent work setting a dns so that you don’t need to use an ip address to connect to your docker containers but use the containers name instead (be sure to use the -updateHosts when creating the container). But, what if you want to have a network with fixed subnet and […]

Powershell – How to install the certificate automatically after creating the container

When a new container is created using navcontainerhelper, if the -useSSL flag is used, a self-signed certificate is created and the url to the certificate file is retrieved. How to download and install the self-signed certificate after creating the container, using Powershell commands? Like this: $containername = ‘bccontainer’ 
$outputCertFilePath = ‘C:\Temp\’ + $containername + ‘_Certificate.cer’


Cheat Sheets

I’ve just shared a few cheat sheets that I’ve created, with Docker, Business Central, Powershell and NAVContainerHelper commands and a few more useful things. I’ll keep adding more things over time. You can find the link below as well as in the navigation bar. Hope you find it useful.

Parameter Object in Dynamics NAV/365 Business

#dynamicsnav #businesscentral #msdyn365bc #designpatterns In Dynamics NAV/BC development we often see a method with a lot of parameters. Take as an example the method FormatAddr in codeunit Format Address. procedure FormatAddr(var AddrArray: array[8] of Text[100]; Name: Text[100]; Name2: Text[100]; Contact: Text[100]; Addr: Text[100]; Addr2: Text[50]; City: Text[50]; PostCode: Code[20]; County: Text[50]; CountryCode: Code[10]) If we […]

C/AL to AL Data Upgrade Automation Powershell Script

Eric Walters (Waldo) shared a great tool developed “on top of” the existing Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Model.Tools.dll, which is a library that serves the PowerShell Merge-CmdLets provided by Microsoft, that allow us to do a bunch of analysis on top of NAV/BC objects (man, you rock!). More info here: And here: I have created a script […]

C/SIDE to AL Table Data Migration

In the last weeks I’ve read a few posts about C/SIDE to AL Data Migration and as far as I understand people are struggling to have data migrated from C /SIDE to AL tables. Data upgrade codeunits to the rescue. They exist in C/AL and exists in AL as well so you should use and […]

Dynamics NAV/BC – Events Stack Logging

This post shows you how I created a logging system to know when, from where and by whom an event was called. The following solution can be used in Dynamics NAV 2017 or later because it uses TryFunctions and the GETLASTERRORCALLSTACK command. (In Dynamics NAV 2016 TryFunction is available but I’m not sure if GETLASTERRORCALLSTACK […]